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About Us

Fluffy Llama -  Represents a new Era in Early Childhood Education, combining the best elements of traditional methods with innovative and research-based practices. Our holistic approach to education focuses on the whole child, supporting their cognitive, social, emotional, neuro-connection and the Brain Development. 

We invest in ongoing training for our staff, staying current with the latest research and trends in early childhood education. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our methods and practices evolve and adapt to the changing needs of today's children and families.

Our Methods and Their Scientific Basis

The foundation of our approach to education is the integration of time-tested methods with new ideas and research in the field of pedagogy and psychology. We have developed our own methodology, which combines the best elements of different educational systems and scientific approaches


Daily Activities

To help children develop good habits for life, they need to start an active, healthy lifestyle at an early age. 
* Neuro Gymnastics and Finger Gymnastics - help develop memory, thinking, and other cognitive skills by activating brain function and improving overall somatic health.
* Development of Gross and Fine Motor Skills - includes exercises for movement coordination, active games for children, promotes the overall development of the child and the formation of speech.
* Development of the Two Hemispheres of the Brain (left-right) - interhemispheric interaction leads to the formation of new neuronal cells and the formation of an integrated working system.
* Logorhythmics - corrective speech therapy rhythmics, speech development through frequent body movements, a form of active art therapy.
* Breathing Exercises - an important factor affecting the initiation and development of speech in children...

Imaginative Play

As our newest and most popular option, our Imaginative Play. For children, Role-Playing games are a learning process that is carried out through games. These fun activities can be a key component of a child’s development. It develops communication and speech skills. Games allow children to act in conditions close to real situations, to explore and experiment. Develops social skills, stimulates creativity and imagination, and much more. 

We have the Best Toys & Learning Games collection from around the Globe!


Homemade organic food

Proper and balanced nutrition is a very important part in the development of a child. In accordance with the recommendations of the pediatric nutritionist, we have compiled a balanced daily menu for your children. Three hot meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), as well as fruit and vegetable snacks are prepared by experienced cooks in the Childcare and meet all the requirements of a healthy diet.

Fairy-tale Therapy and the Development of Emotional intelligence

"Fairy-tale Therapy" is Education, Treatment, and Correction of the child’s behavior with the help of fairy-tales.  Storytelling Therapy using metaphorical resources of fairy tales for solving psychological problems, developing emotional intelligence, empathy, and creative potential. We have selected the best collection of books and fairy tales that will help your baby fight his fears, better understand his mood and be able to cope with it in everyday life, and better communicate with peers.
+ Development of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - the main skill involves understanding one's own emotions and the ability to manage them, which helps establish relationships with other people


Additional Classes

Neuro Gymnastics and Finger Gymnastics - help develop memory, thinking, and other cognitive skills by activating brain function and improving overall somatic health.

A variety of lessons awaiting your kids daily: Dancing, Music, Kids Yoga, Experiments, Reading, Writing and much more! We are always add something new and interesting for our kids! 

Art Therapy

Art Therapy - is a specialized area of mental health that uses art materials and the creative process to explore emotions, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem, and resolve other psychological conflicts. We use different materials in working with kids: sand (quartz and kinetic), dough, water and paints. Daily activities with children help them to study the world and surrounding objects tactile. It develops fine motor skills, calms the nervous system, as well as games with a mirror to help in speech development.


Birthday Celebrations for Kids

It is a great joy and honor for us to spend such a special day with your child! Therefore, we will prepare a special program for the Birth-Day of the child. Additional fun games, a lot of balloons, bounce-city, paper-show, animators, healthy treats and of course a Gift will be waiting for the Birthday-Boy/Girl on this day! Parents will receive  a tons of Photo & Videos after the celebration (in the best quality).

Outdoor Play

We recognize the importance of connecting children with nature and providing opportunities for outdoor learning. Research has shown that spending time in nature promotes physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being in children. Our facilities include outdoor spaces designed to encourage exploration, curiosity, and interaction with the natural world. Children are encouraged to engage in activities such as gardening, nature walks, and outdoor play, fostering a connection with the environment and a sense of stewardship for the planet.
Therefore, we made our daily schedule where kids can spend 3-4 hours outside. We also have an option for hiking to the nearest City Park for the best  outdoor experience!


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